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Directory of Flute Makers and Dealers

If you know of a wooden flute maker or dealer who’s not included, please contact me.

Please note that a listing in the directory does not constitute an endorsement. If you are thinking about purchasing a flute from a particular maker, ask other flute players about that maker’s reputation. Note: many makers supply soft or hard cases with their flutes, but some don’t. If you’re looking for a good case, check out the flute cases page.

To search this directory, first select a column to search using the dropdown menu below (just above the text entry area). Last Name is the column to select if you’re looking for a particular maker. If you’re searching by country, type in the country’s name and choose “country” from the drop-down menu. Type UK into the search box if you’re looking for flute makers based in the United Kingdom, and USA for the United States. Other countries’ names are spelled out in full.

First NameLast NameCountryDescriptionDetails
Chris Abell USA Boehm-system blackwood flutes with sterling silver keywork; also makes blackwood-and-silver whistles in several keys.
Tim Adams Sweden Two-piece Irish D flutes in African Blackwood. You can try before you buy.
Thomas Aebi Switzerland Makes flutes based on Pratten and Rudall and Rose models, unkeyed and block-mounted keys View Details
Akiyama Flute Company Japan Boehm-system silver flute and wooden head joint maker. View Details
Carlos Herrera Alcardi Argentina Keyless wooden flutes in D (and soon in Eb), made from Guayacan wood View Details
Dominic Allan UK Maker of flutes (keyed and keyless) and French bagpipes View Details
Antique Sound Workshop USA Dealer in Irish flutes by several makers View Details
Carlos Aragón Spain Makers of Irish flutes and uilleann pipes. View Details
Peter Aschenbrenner Austria Maker of wooden Irish concert flutes, wooden whistles, low whistles, bamboo flutes, and bodhran sticks. View Details
Bamboozle UK Flutes and digeridoos in bamboo in many keys. View Details
Francois Baubet Keyed and keyless wooden flutes optimized for Irish music, based on Pratten, Rudall and Rose and Carte, or Hawkes. View Details
Carl Bell UK Flutes in D, Bb, and Eb based on designs of 19th century flutemakers as well as his own designs. Also repairs and restores flutes. View Details
Irene Bingham UK Dealer of old, rare, and unusual musical instruments including flutes. View Details
Zacchiah Blackburn USA Dealer of a wide variety of musical instrumentes, including bamboo and wooden flutes, Irish flutes, etc. View Details
Phil Bleazey UK Maker of transverse flutes, recorders, whistles, and low whistles. View Details
Michel Bonamy France Wooden flutes with ergonomic keys for Irish and Breton music. View Details
Boorinwood Musical Instruments Ireland Keyed and keyless wooden flutes, fifes. View Details
Michelle Brophy Canada Flutes in the Pratten style from ethically sourced exotic hardwoods (typically African Blackwood and Mopane) and Sterling silver keys and rings. Unless requested, flutes are three piece (single piece body) with a tuning slide. View Details
Jason Burnfield USA Maker of bamboo flutes View Details
Casey Burns USA Flutes for Irish and other traditional music in a variety of keys, based on acoustical models of 19th century makers. Casey's Folk Flute model is popular among beginners. View Details