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Photo © Tony Kearns


Tom Aebi —An interview with the Swiss flute maker.

Jack Coen—Notes from a week spent with the late East Galway flute player.

Eamonn Cotter—A well-known flute player and flute player from Clare.

Brian Finnegan—Belfast-raised flute and whistle player known for his work with the band FLOOK.

Hammy Hamilton—A flute player and flute maker from Belfast, now living in the Cork Gaeltacht.

Grey Larsen—An American flute player in the Irish tradition.

Catherine McEvoy—A flute player in the Sligo-Roscommon style.

Matt Molloy—The influential Roscommon flute player.

Patrick Olwell—The well-known flute maker based in Virginia.

Mike Rafferty—An extensive interview with the late East Galway flute player.

Garry Shannon—A flute player from County Clare.

John Skelton—Best known as the flute player with The House Band.

Jean-Michel Veillon—The iconic flute player from Brittany.

Desi Wilkinson—A flute player and singer from Belfast.