Recommended Players

Photo © Tony Kearns


Thanks to Hervé Yésou of Strasbourg, France for his many contributions to this list.

If you’re a beginner and just want a short list of influential players with widely available recordings that’ll expose you to a range of styles, here are my five personal recommendations, in alphabetical order: Harry Bradley, Catherine McEvoy, Matt Molloy, Conal O’Grada, and Mike Rafferty. I also think any Irish flute player would benefit from listening to older recordings of seminal figures such as Paddy Carty and John McKenna, and to seek out recordings of players with strong personal or regional styles such as Joe Bane, Jack Coen, Kevin Henry, and Cathal McConnell. Beyond Irish, I’d recommend listening to Jean-Michel Veillon and Chris Norman for their sheer virtuosity and musicality. If you’re looking for more modern-style players (most of whom are perfectly capable of playing in pure traditional styles as well), start with Sylvain Barou, Conor Byrne, Kevin Crawford, Brian Finnegan, and Mike McGoldrick. You can also get a good introduction to a variety of flute-playing styles through the Wooden Flute Obsession CD series.

If you have trouble finding recordings, try any of the following distributors: Ossian USA, Claddagh Records (Ireland), Elderly Instruments (USA), or Custy’s Music (Ireland). Many of these should also be available through Amazon and other online sources such as iTunes. Doing Google searches will usually turn up recordings, and it’s worth looking through youtube and vimeo for videos; that’s a great way to hear and see a wide variety of flute players.

NOTE: Be sure to check out the excellent discography of Irish flute music on Gordon Turbull’s web site, The Flow.

If you’d like to suggest a player who’s not in the list, please contact me.

First NameLast NameDescriptionWebsiteWebsite 2
Loretto Reid Sligo flute and whistle player living in Canada Bio on AlgomaTrad website
Noel Rice Great Irish flute player on Boehm-system flute, based in Chicago Bio on Academy of Irish Music website
Mark Roberts Excellent American flute player, many recordings Mark Roberts website
Paul Roche Flute player with the band Stockton's Wing Discography on CD Universe
Ronan Ryan Flute player from Co. Limerick, played with the group Turas Comhaltas video of Ronan Ryan
John Rynne Great flute player from Ennis, Co. Clare Can be heard on the third Wooden Flute Obsession compilation
Garry Shannon Talented, inventive, and humorous player from Co. Clare Garry Shannon website
Roger Sherlock The late Roger Sherlock was a great Sligo flute player who was a fixture in the London Irish music scene Youtube video of Rogert Sherlock playing three reels
Jonathan Shorland Flute player and piper best known for playing Welsh music Fernhill (band) Wikipedia site
Michel Sikiotakis Flute and whistle player from France Album "The Irish Girl" with Robin Bullock
John Skelton Noted flute player and piper originally from London John Skelton and Kieran O'Hare website
Calum Stewart Great Scottish flute player and uilleann piper Calum Stewart website
Seamus Tansey Famous flute player from Sligo, strong and energetic style Wikipedia page
Paddy Taylor Lovely flute player from Limerick, 1912-1976 "Rolling the Ryegrass" recording
Jean-Luc Thomas Great flute player from Brittany, plays Irish, Breton, and "experimental" styles. Jean-Luc Thomas website
Michael Tubridy Original flute player with the Chieftains, gorgeous Clare style flute playing Wikipedia page
Fintan Vallely Powerful Northern-style flute player, writer, painter Fintan Vallely website
Jean-Michel Veillon Brilliant flute player from Brittany Jean-Michel Veillon website
Mat Walklate Flute and harmonica player from Manchester, UK Mat Walklate website
Garry Walsh Co. Cork flute player with strong, free-flowing style Album "Penny Trumpets; also check out earlier album "Uncovered"