Hup! Flute players’ edition

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The 20 December 2016 edition of TG4’s “Hup!” television series mostly features flute players, starting with Matt Molloy playing some reels with Sean Keane and Arty McGlinn; it includes a wonderful set from Patsy Hanley, John Carlos, and Tommy Guihen. Here’s the link; it’ll only be available until mid-January 2016.

Site redesign and update

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Welcome to the new version of “A Guide to the Irish Flute,” which first went online in 1995 as a FAQ file in the Ceolas website.

The new version is completely redesigned, has a new URL, and plenty of updates. I’ve updated the flute maker’s directory and turned it into a searchable database. I’ve also turned the list of recommended flute players into a database. I’ve updated some of the text of the guide, and added some great new photographs.