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Cases for Wooden Flutes

A padded case will help protect your flute from temperature changes and other potential dangers. Most flute makers provide a case when you buy a flute, but some do not. Some flute owners may prefer to upgrade to a higher quality case or one that offers more protection for their instrument.

This page lists just a few of the many sources for flute cases.

Soft Cases

Soft, padded cloth cases work well for keyless flutes. These typically roll up in a bundle. Advantages include their light weight, relatively low cost, and the fact that they can be washed in an ordinary clothes washing machine if they get dirty. They don’t offer as much protection for your flute as a hard case, but the padding does a good job of cushioning your instrument from bumps and jolts, or even a fall to the floor.

Cavallaro makes wonderful fleece-lined cordura instrument cases; several of their models are ideal for wooden flutes. They also make soft covers for hard flute cases; if you have a fine wooden case that you want to protect, this might be a good option.

Case Logic makes briefcase-style, daypack-style, and other cases designed for flute players.

Hard Cases

Flute case by Andrew Crawford

Flute case by Andrew Crawford

Hard cases may be made of a variety of materials, most commonly wood, metal, or plastic. A hard case is pretty much essential if you have a keyed flute; soft cases will work, but offer little protection for the keywork and you may find your keys will pick up fleece from the soft case lining. Standard cases for pistols or camera equipment work well and are an inexpensive option. Fine wooden cases are more aesthetically appealing, but are more expensive and usually must be custom fitted to your flute. This may involve either sending your flute to the case maker or else sending a photocopy or scan of the flute to the maker so he or she can fit the case to your instrument.

Andrew Crawford (Shropshire, UK) makes a variety of fine wooden cases for flutes.

Hammy Hamilton (Co. Cork, Ireland) distributes the Northwind Flute Case, a fine wooden case covered in leather.

Matt McCullough (Grapevine, Texas) makes beautiful hardwood cases; the case shown below is one he made for me in 2004 and I’m very happy with it.

Flute case made by Matt McCulloughflute case made by Matt McCullough

O’Neills of Gortin, Omagh (Northern Ireland) also sells cases for wooden concert flutes in the key of D. See